We love our Organelle by Critter & Guitari, the online community is full of innovative and great sounding patches (that are uploaded weekly) and it is super inspiring to say the least.

We designed a sample synthesizer that we constantly use in our live shows and sessions. The C+K_SmplrBox1 has over 40 patches that are all individual synths, consisting of two samples per patch. Sort of like a mellotron there is a Sample WAV knob that gives you an “A/B” mix selector. The control and manipulation of each of the patches are directly inspired by several of our favorite synths. There is a lot packed in there, but you can really take time to learn it and if you ever get lost, don’t fear, there are a hidden *hints* that could appear.

We also created C+K_meditation_ash patch because we found ourselves craving to bring it outside and utilize the mobility of the built-in speaker and battery power.

All in all this is one of our favorite pieces in the studio and we wanted to share our instrument with the Organelle Community! Download Link COMING SOON!

Organelle by Critter & Guitari

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