We started Clay and Kelsy Instruments in October, 2021. We are primarily performing artists and producers under the name Clay and Kelsy. As a gender nonconforming couple we feel like we bring a different energy to our instruments in a mainly male dominated industry. We want each instrument we make to feel good and spark creativity by giving users new ways of experiencing their own sonically beautiful moments.  

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Clay and Kelsy

Clay Burton

Clay Burton (she/they) is a music producer, drummer and music software designer from Los Angeles, California.  Clay studied at The Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 2014, and then graduated with a Music Tech Bachelors degree from CalArts, California in 2018. Creating software instruments and speciality tools for their own productions has inspired her to innovate and explore synthesis and sound design for music software.

Kelsy Kemper

Kelsy Kemper (she/they) is a singer, songwriter and pianist from Los Angeles, California. Kelsy started writing music and recorded their first original song in a studio by the age of Eleven. She then has pursued music professionally performing in various musical groups and choirs. While producing alongside partner Clay Burton for the past eleven years, Kelsy has developed a passion for synthesis and music production, making her a special part of the design and connection of each instrument.