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Stepped Seq
Stepped Sequencer

The Chip-Osc Stepped Sequencer is different from a typical step-sequencer because it only takes a step when a note is received. This adds variation to your melodies or chords by changing the loaded wave shape per note.

30 Custom Impulse Responses

Convolution is a very powerful type of cross-synthesis that has allowed us to share some of our favorite hardware Reverbs and Eurorack Effects in an easy-to-use fashion.

Cut & Mod
Cut-Off LFO and Mod Wheel Controls

A dedicated LFO to control the Cut-Off frequency with lots of wave shapes and some extra bells and whistles. The Mod Wheel control center is where you can map many different parameters to your external Mod Wheel all at once.

20 Different Wave Shapes

The Chip-Osc has three oscillator selectors to build your sound source, here you can choose between 20 different wave shapes. Each Osc has its own pitch controls and individual panning.

Vib & Misc
Vibrato and Miscellaneous Controls

A classic Vibrato effect with speed and fade in controls. Miscellaneous adds an additional set of controls to give you more shaping capabilities to further grow your sound.

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Chip-Osc $49