Pro-Osc was built with the samples of raw oscillators from a vintage-era analog synthesizer. With 14 different wave shapes, 30 custom convolution impulse responses, and over 80 presets, the Pro-Osc feels like a classic analog synthesizer with the ability to explore new sonic worlds!

(All the sounds in this video were made with Pro-Osc <3)

Pro-Osc $49.99

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Presets that make your head turn

Pro-Osc is full of beautiful sounds with no filler presets. We are really over getting a new instrument with only two presets we would actually use. Not this one boo. It’s giving range, It’s giving classic cinematic textures, it’s a producers dream synthesizer. We took the time to craft a variety of Leads, Basses, Pads, Keys, Brass, Winds and Hits/FX that we would use daily. Each sound is performable with the mod wheel, extending the possibilities of what you can create.

All Presets Performed by Alex Mello, Clay and Kelsy <3

How is Pro-Osc different from other wave shape based VSTs? 

Most wave shape VSTs synthesizers sample a single tone, and stretch it across the entire keyboard by pitching it. Or they use a digital algorithm to create the wave shape. 

Analog synths are complex instruments and can have very different timbres from the low end to the high end. These give each instrument its own unique finger print.

With Pro-Osc, every wave shape we captured has many different samples across the entire range of the key bed, making it a more accurate representation of a true analog synth. (And honestly that’s why it sounds so good).

Stepped Seq
Stepped Sequencer

The Pro-Osc Stepped Sequencer is different from a typical step-sequencer because it only takes a step when a note is received. This adds variation to your melodies or chords by changing the loaded wave shape per note.

30 Custom Impulse Responses

Convolution is a very powerful type of cross-synthesis that has allowed us to share some of our favorite hardware Reverbs and Eurorack Effects in an easy-to-use fashion.

Cut & Mod
Cut-Off LFO and Mod Wheel Controls

A dedicated LFO to control the Cut-Off frequency with lots of wave shapes and some extra bells and whistles. The Mod Wheel control center is where you can map many different parameters to your external Mod Wheel all at once.

14 Different Wave Shapes

The Pro-Osc has three oscillator selectors to build your sound source, here you can choose between 14 different wave shapes. Each Osc has its own pitch controls and individual panning.

Vib & Misc
Vibrato and Miscellaneous Controls

A classic Vibrato effect with speed and fade in controls. Miscellaneous adds an additional set of controls to give you more shaping capabilities to further grow your sound.

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What makes Pro-Osc different than other VST synthesizers?

Clay studied interface design at school and kept finding that new VST instruments had so many hidden menus and knobs that were just too overwhelming to manage. This made most VSTs difficult to use in a session because it took too much time to finesse a sound before loosing the initial creative idea. As a producer, time and accessibility are valuable resources. We designed Pro-Osc to quickly make a full range of sounds that are easy to use, while still having all the best parts of our favorite synthesizers.

Kelsy is a songwriter and pianist, who wanted an instrument that was inspiring to create her own sounds with in a studio session. There is something profound about the moment when you sit down to play and write music that we cherish, so we made an interface that focused on getting new ideas out of your head and into your DAW with ease. 

Getting to know Pro-Osc

Key Features and Requirements

Key Features:

  • 83 Handcrafted presets (that you will actually use)
  • 14 Sampled Wave shapes from a curtis filtered vintage-era analog synthesizer.
  • 30 Custom Impulse Responses (15 Reverbs & 15 Effects) taken from our favorite outboard reverbs and Eurorack effects.
  • A Stepped sequencer that can change the wave shape on every note received. Giving some life and variation to your sound.
  • Cut-Off LFO, Vibrato, Pitch Slop, and polyphonic Glide controls
  • Full NKS support. (Maschine & Komplete Kontrol Keyboards)


  • Install and download all within Native Access
  • Runs in the free Kontakt 6 Player, full Kontakt 6, Komplete Kontrol, or Maschine 2
  • Download the free Kontakt 6 player here
  • Check out the Pro-Osc Quick Guide for more info!
  • For installation guide and FAQ click here

Pro-Osc $49.99