aGong is a little gong Clay bought from a market in Den Haag, NL. It is the first instrument we have ever made for Kontakt. This unique instrument ranges from a peaceful meditation gong to a hammered EP. 

Key Features:

  • Stereo AKG 460B’s into Millennia HV-35’s
  • Flea 47 into a BAE 1073 MPF
  • OTO Machines BAM Space Generator
  • Encore-NZ3R Marimba Mallets.
  • Bouncy Effect (ping-pong delay)
  • Three Presets to showcase aGongs sonic range.
  • Random [?] button to randomize all parameters. 


  • Full Version of Kontakt 6 or higher.
  • 59.8 MB of Disk Space.