How to Install – Osc Collection

All of our Osc Instruments run in the free Kontakt 7 Player or full Kontakt 7, with the exception of Pro-Osc which runs in Kontakt 6 and higher. The installation and download of all our instruments is done with Native Access 2. If you don’t already have Native Access 2 you can download it here.

Within Native Access 2 click the + Add Serial button and input the 25 digit serial number sent to your email. Then select available at the top to find the instrument you have purchased. Click install and you will be ready to play with your new synthesizer! 🙂

No worries if you don’t already have the free Kontakt Player, Native Access 2 will let you know & install it alongside any of the Osc Instruments! If you are still using Native Access 1, you can download the free Kontakt 7 Player here.

(If your instrument is not showing up in Kontakt 7 Player or Kontakt 7, make sure you have updated it within Native Access. If you are still having trouble with installing, Native Instruments provides more in depth information here.)

How to use any of our Osc Instruments

Watch our tutorial video or read the manual included with each synth to get a deeper understanding of the Osc Collection:

Why did we build within Kontakt Player?

The reason we chose Kontakt is because of its powerful multi sample tool that can manage thousands of different wave files at once. Because it’s part of the Native Instruments family we were able to build custom controls and deep integration with the full line of NKS instruments (MASCHINE, and Komplete Kontrol Keyboards) which gives you the option to use our Osc Synths like a hardware synthesizer

All the downloads and updates are managed with Native Access which makes installation easy and safe for our customers. 

It runs in Kontakt Player which is free for everyone. All you need to do is purchase any of our Osc Instruments and you are ready to use this powerful new tool for your music