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Pro-Osc is full of rich sounds used especially for musicians who enjoy lush analog chords and swells. With its ethereal pads and bold leads, Pro-Osc is a perfect fit for synth-head Composers and Producers that make Pop, R&B, and electronic music.

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Pro-Osc was built with the samples of raw oscillators from a vintage-era analog synthesizer. With 14 different wave shapes, 30 custom convolution impulse responses, and over 80 presets.

    • Runs in the free Kontakt 6 Player, full Kontakt 6Komplete Kontrol, or Maschine 2
    • Install and download all within Native Access
  • Full NKS support (Maschine & Komplete Kontrol Keyboards)

More info and tutorials on our product page here.

3 reviews for Pro-Osc

  1. Adrian T

    This is such a great tool!! So much for an amazing price. Really gives you the flexibility to make a sound as wild or as contained as you desire. I find myself stacking oscillators and matching different effects to make a sound completely different from what I started with. Such versatility. Really enjoying it so far.

  2. Tyler Burton

    A unique instrument with a warm sound and a welcoming interface, like playing a legit analogue synth. Dialing in a patch is quick and easy, but there’s depth here — don’t sleep on the sequencer. The sound is so natural that I can drop it into basically any project and it gels with the mix. It just feels good!!

  3. Patrick C.

    Pro-Osc is packed full of analogue goodness! It’s got a lush and warm sound and it will add a uniqueness to your compositions that’s reminiscent of when synths ruled the airwaves!

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